Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rage turned to Inspiration

The reason I decided to finally start this blog thing is mostly therapeutic. In the past couple of days i've found out my car is a fucking lemon, the government is truly a bunch of bloodsuckers (passport, birth certificate, student loan, etc....) and that karma's a bitch. So since I don't own a sniper rifle and I didn't know what else to do with myself I decided to blog it ( hence the title "Just my luck" ). To address the karma's a bitch thing, last night I got to back-to-back calls from girls saying that they got back with their ex's and they're extremely sorry. And right then and there it dawned on me all of this is happening because of me one way or another. The girls thing I understand because I've broken hearts and relationships in the past and though it's not easy to deal with, it's about time I got my just dues. As for everything else, the lemon I bought in a rush without taking my time to look for details, the passport should've been taken care many months ago, student loan I didn't pay for like 8 months straight lol, and the birth certificate I should have took that from my lose everything dad from long time. So the moral of the story is, the things you do in the present will affect your future ( and believe me they do ). To anybody who reads this, I promise I will try to be more positive with my posts in the weeks to come lol

p.s. This was only the beginning of the b.s. that's happened to me in the last couple of days but I don't think i'm ready to touch on thoses things yet

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