Friday, May 30, 2008

R.I.P Sean Bell pt.2

Lest we not forget, a major act of injustice still hasn't been spoken on by theses politicians who claim to wanna make a change. I'm pro-Obama but I need to see him STAND UP in this situation. I've heard a lot of songs for Sean Bell in the past few weeks but this one really spoke to me, I think it really touched the issue.To listen click the link @ the bottom of this post. Take in the Cassidy and Talib's verses on's the TRUTH

R.I.P. Sean Bell
To the Bell family and to all other families out there going through the struggle of having their loved one's life taken by the hands of those that supposedly "serve and protect", Hold Ya Heads

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hater What?

What's a HATER? I've been thinking about the term for a minute and I realize there's no such thing. Now I know anybody reading this blog at this point is sayin, "Hell yeah there is nigga! I got tons!". But gimme a minute let me explain. What I mean is that I don't believe anyone was born to hate you or me. God didn't create 50 Cent for the soul purpose of hating Ja Rule nawmean? Like I see on all the message boards and facebook status', "To all my haters blah blah blah fuck u blah blah" and I say to myself why does this person claim to have some many haters, maybe that person is just an asshole or maybe just maybe their so-called "HATERS" don't really hate anybody but themselves. Think about it, anybody who has ever "hated" on you, what was the reason for the hate? Isn't it always because their mad at what YOU got, how YOU look, and how YOU carry yourself? Well that's what I'm seeing and to me that means they hate themselves for not being that way for whatever reason or it wouldn't effect them one way or another. I don't even know if I have HATERS out there cuz I don't draw that type of attention for some reason, but now that I have this new stance of so-called "HATERS" if I spot one I'm not gonna tell them to fuck off, what's that gonna help? I'm gonna take them under my wing and show them they need to be proud of being who they are, an individual.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off corny on this, but I'm feeling there is a lot of unnecessary stress out there because of this issue. Feel free to comment and let me know how u feel about it


Friday, May 23, 2008

Dis naw no bloodclot stripclub lol

Watch Elephant Man get cheesed with a female fan for trying to touch his budz

Vice Grip

vice 1 (vs)n.
a. An evil, degrading, or immoral practice or habit.
b. A serious moral failing.
c. Wicked or evil conduct or habits; corruption.
2. Sexual immorality, especially prostitution.
a. A slight personal failing; a foible: the vice of untidiness.
b. A flaw or imperfection; a defect.
4. A physical defect or weakness.
5. An undesirable habit, such as crib-biting, in a domestic animal.

Vices, those damn bad habits that you can't seem to shake whether it be smoking, drinking, sex, shopping, or procrastination. Your mind tells you no, but your body.....your body tells you YES!!.

With me I have a number of vices that I constantly tell myself I will drop but I trick myself into the "just one last time" mentality which as we all know is never the case. What I've noticed is with vices one always believes that it will make them feel better and that may be true for a little while, but once the high wears off if anything you feel worse than before because you realize it didn't really help at all and you fell for the same trick again.

The main reason why you feel worse is because you know better and you feel like you let yourself down again. So as you can see this causes a cycle where you need a pick-me-up and you run to the vice be it smoking, drinking, fucking or whatever to give you temporary relief.

As I've said in previous posts this blog is therapeutic for me and I hope it can be the same for y'all who take the time to read it.

From now on, I'm not gonna look for temporary relief and get caught in the cycle. I'm gonna be hardbody and look for the long term solution, which is of course bettering my life as a whole instead of just on a nightly basis.

I was inspired by the boy be. to write this, see why @

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The truth about Lil Wayne

I don't care what the res of the world thinks, Weezy just ain't dat hot no more. It's probably da drugs

Duh pt.3

Duh pt.2

as u can see I haven't figured out how to post more than one track at a time lol

Mista Bourne - I'm Back.wma


I know what you're asking....why hasn't Boots put up any of his own music yet? Cuz I'm an idiot that's why lol. But the wait is finally over here's a few joints for y'all. This track is by Charlie Black ft. Obie

p.s. More new music comin soon

04 Kings of the City.wma

Rock The Bells 2008 Trailer

I'm cheesed that I can't reach the Glow in the Dark concert tonite but I gotta be @ this joint right here. If this ain't hiphop then I don't know what is.

p.s. My birthday is July date July 20th hint hint lol

Here's a bonus video to show y'all da seriousness of this show. This is history.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Animated graffiti

I came across this video and I thought it was mad creative and kinda cool, so peep it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Falling Off

Every man's fear, falling off the chick radar. What do I mean? I mean one day you're an attractive young man getting girls without even breaking a sweat and then the next day girls barely pay attention to you. My friends, I have something to confess, I think I'm falling off. This is by far the biggest slump I've ever been in when it comes to women. That's not to say I haven't been with a woman recently, that's not what I mean, I mean I no longer notice girls being attracted to me like they used to be. I don't know if it's because I'm lazy and I don't really pursue girls that much, but I thought about it and I've always been lazy and it never was I problem before. Is it because all the good girls in my age range are taken through either pregnancy, engagement or school? Or maybe it's because subconsciously I'm not looking for the same thing anymore and I've become more selective. Either way it sucks and I could use the female company, no man wants to be by himself on a friday or saturday night. But this has just been something that's been on my mind for a minute now and I needed to vent so readers sorry for the sappiness, thank you for bearing with me.

Maybe should stop seeing girls that already have boyfriends. That would be a step in the right direction lol

Til Next Time


Friday, May 16, 2008

This Kid is Nooooiiiccccee!!!!

Ok so who is this kid?.....some of y'all already know bout Cory Gunz , if not the video below will let u know whut's up. But enough about him. This other dude is Charles Hamilton, the manz spit game has down syndrome straight up. On top of all dat he's a trained pianist, he plays guitar and his production game is bananas. Word on da street is he is signed to Interscope for piles of money and everybody's tryna fuck wit him...he's kind of a looseball though but there's a thin line between insanity and genius check his blog to see what I mean

oh yeah btw he's only's not fair, it's just not fair

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miscommunication lead to complication/ My Emancipation don't fit your equation

What's the #1 root of most arguments?.......well money but the 2nd one is miscommunication. In theses last couple of weeks I have seen and been involved in too many mix ups that could have all been solved with better communication. It happens in various ways, sometimes people don't wanna hear the other side of the story, sometimes they hear the other side but don't listen, or sometimes they just hear the words they wanna hear and not what actually came out of the other person's mouth. This is a major problem, and though it's cliche to do this I'm gonna have to attack the ladies first b/c out of all the nonsense I experienced and witnessed these last couple of weeks they were the common denominator. My personal experience was one in which the other person heard what they wanted to hear and not the words that I was speaking. It got to the point were I finally had to stop talking, cut the person off and then be hounded by her friends until we eventually met up and had a roundtable discussion where I said the exact same thing I'd always saidin order for her to get "closure"....pointless. I think sometimes females heads get so clouded with emotions that it's as if they're not even here, and when I say here I mean the planet earth. Then I give women the benefit of the doubt by saying that was just one situation because they're our better half and what not, right?...wrong. Situation #2 this time between two females which is usually the case unfortunately. I watched this situation develop from the very beginning, to break the situation down into basics Girl A thinks Girl B doesn't like her for whatever reason. Girl B thinks Girl A also doesn't like her for whatever reason. Girl A tells a group of her friends about the situation ( which never helps when the group is all girls ) Girl B does the same. Eventually the tension gets so thick that with the slightest nudge whether accidental or on purpose it all blows up and weave, bangles and necks are swingin every which way. Now neither girl can stand each other, when in the beginning it was all speculation anyways and nobody actually hated anybody else. To me it's straight up dumb b/c it could have been resolved with a simple, " Excuse me, do u have a problem with me? I just need to know", if there was any problem it could have been resolved right there but now chances of that happening are slim to none. Unbelievable. Ok and last but not least situation #3 the worst of them all......the broken telephone, which once again contains two females (smh). This one all starts out with gossip, which is never a good place to start. Basically Rhonda tells Maxine about some foolishness that Erica is doing in the workplace, word gets around to Erica and she confronts Rhonda, Rhonda get vex and starts callin Maxine a rat before hearing her side of the story. Maxine cries, everybody's pissed off. Now since I'm friends with the two, I was thrown in the middle and through a little detective work I was able to find out that Erica heard the gossip through another source besides Maxine but by this time it's already too late b/c words have already been said and people have been offended....*kiss teet* cha

Now the moral of the stories is this, communication is key. Why waste your energy on something that isn't necessary, never go off speculation, it's usually wrong. It's better to really know what's going on before you react or you just look like kids throwing temper tantrums which is NOT a good look.

Now ladies, I love you, you know I do but I had to address this issue b/c more and more these days I hear girls saying they can't stand other girls and they only have guy friends. Don't you see something wrong with that picture? I do and I don't think it has to be this way. Don't get it twisted this goes for bitch ass dudes as well.

Can't we all just get along? or at least act grown enough to talk it out?

I hope that day comes soon cuz it's gettin ignorant out here

p.s. I know some girls may read this blog and get cheesed b/c I mentioned a situation that they may have been involved in, but if that's the case then I'm not even gonna respond b/c you missed the point and you should start @ the top at read it again.

But despite all the bullshit, I love y'all

Til next Time


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not Impressed

I love throwing parties b/c different circles of people that I know and love get to mingle and have fun with each other. I had a little get together last night of about 12-15 people @ my apartment and I had a lot of fun no doubt. I wanna thank everyone who reached and showed me love and I will be having more events in the future. But, I do have one bone to pick with y'all especially the dudes that were in the spot and I could explain it myself but Ian Andre Espinet explains it a lot better than I can so peep his blog entry and holla if u feel different or even if you feel the same ( ladies I'm expecting some feedback on this one lol )

but I wanna state one more time that I had a very good time last night and I'm glad that I associate with the people that I do.....peace

p.s. by no means is this meant to be a disrespect to my dudes that it friendly competition to step it up lol

p.s.s. I just clarify again, my homies ain't no punks don't watch da link title lol