Friday, September 19, 2008

Preach on Flex!!!!

I don't know if any of you saw the interview with R.Kelly on B.E.T. but I know Flex did lol. Finally someone in the music industry speaks on this pedophile

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Castro Freestyle!!!!!!

I'm not gonna do too much talkin, but look out for the Stash House Movement

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Summer Recap pt.1

Yes! Back off of hiatus, feels good. This summer was a real growing period for me. It was very eventful ( the good and the bad as u can see in the last post), so what I'm gonna do is in the next couple of weeks I'm gonna give y'all a recap to the best of my abilities. But the reason why I said couple of weeks is b/c I'll have more current posts in-between of new music, events and whatever else pops into my mind.

So I started my summer off very well, some of my peoples and I went up to Barrie (yes Barrie) and stayed in a cabin for the Canada Day long weekend. The ratio was nice, 6 girls 4 guys (just lovely) and everybody was cool, down to have a good time, just proper stuff. So the daily activities went as follows: wake up, drink, play ping pong, drink, watch so u think u can dance, drink, play cards, go to wasaga beach, play soccer, play dominoes.............and drink. Now anybody that knows me KNOWS that's my heaven right there so I had a unforgettable time.

But, the one activity that I left out on purpose b/c It needs it's own paragraph is DRINKING GAMES. Now, we only played type of drinking game but It was definitely one of the best experiences i've had in a while. This game I speak of is called the question game and the way u play is.....everybody sits around a table with their glass in front of them which of course is filled with an alcoholic beverage (we used gin and juice and I personally recommend this drink for this particular game, playas know) and the way the game goes is y'all decide who wants to go first. pick straws, flip a coin, whatever and the loser has to start first. The reason why it's called the Question Game is b/c everything that's said @ the table must be in question form. No question can be repeated, re-worded or used as the base for the next person's question and the first person to stumble gotta chug their drink. It may sound easy but that's the whole trick cuz it's really not. Everyone is trying to make the next person stumble by asking crazy questions ( think about the ratio and use ur imagination lol ) And at the end of it all one person stands victorious and everybody else is drunk as hell depending on how many rounds you play.

Now I understand what Snoop was singin about. That Gin n Juice is like no other lol. So in tribute to my new favorite liquor I would like to introduce uncle Snoop Dogg lol

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I've been gone for a minute, I bad. I've got a lot of stuff to share wit y'all but before I do that I gotta say R.I.P. to our fallen soldiers, my cousin (OG) Orrin Earle & my homie (Redz) Adrian Bannerman. I'm gonna post up some pics of my brothers...We'll always miss u..We love u. The violence needs to stop. We're seeing too many of our loved ones pass away over bullshit.