Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miscommunication lead to complication/ My Emancipation don't fit your equation

What's the #1 root of most arguments?.......well money but the 2nd one is miscommunication. In theses last couple of weeks I have seen and been involved in too many mix ups that could have all been solved with better communication. It happens in various ways, sometimes people don't wanna hear the other side of the story, sometimes they hear the other side but don't listen, or sometimes they just hear the words they wanna hear and not what actually came out of the other person's mouth. This is a major problem, and though it's cliche to do this I'm gonna have to attack the ladies first b/c out of all the nonsense I experienced and witnessed these last couple of weeks they were the common denominator. My personal experience was one in which the other person heard what they wanted to hear and not the words that I was speaking. It got to the point were I finally had to stop talking, cut the person off and then be hounded by her friends until we eventually met up and had a roundtable discussion where I said the exact same thing I'd always saidin order for her to get "closure"....pointless. I think sometimes females heads get so clouded with emotions that it's as if they're not even here, and when I say here I mean the planet earth. Then I give women the benefit of the doubt by saying that was just one situation because they're our better half and what not, right?...wrong. Situation #2 this time between two females which is usually the case unfortunately. I watched this situation develop from the very beginning, to break the situation down into basics Girl A thinks Girl B doesn't like her for whatever reason. Girl B thinks Girl A also doesn't like her for whatever reason. Girl A tells a group of her friends about the situation ( which never helps when the group is all girls ) Girl B does the same. Eventually the tension gets so thick that with the slightest nudge whether accidental or on purpose it all blows up and weave, bangles and necks are swingin every which way. Now neither girl can stand each other, when in the beginning it was all speculation anyways and nobody actually hated anybody else. To me it's straight up dumb b/c it could have been resolved with a simple, " Excuse me, do u have a problem with me? I just need to know", if there was any problem it could have been resolved right there but now chances of that happening are slim to none. Unbelievable. Ok and last but not least situation #3 the worst of them all......the broken telephone, which once again contains two females (smh). This one all starts out with gossip, which is never a good place to start. Basically Rhonda tells Maxine about some foolishness that Erica is doing in the workplace, word gets around to Erica and she confronts Rhonda, Rhonda get vex and starts callin Maxine a rat before hearing her side of the story. Maxine cries, everybody's pissed off. Now since I'm friends with the two, I was thrown in the middle and through a little detective work I was able to find out that Erica heard the gossip through another source besides Maxine but by this time it's already too late b/c words have already been said and people have been offended....*kiss teet* cha

Now the moral of the stories is this, communication is key. Why waste your energy on something that isn't necessary, never go off speculation, it's usually wrong. It's better to really know what's going on before you react or you just look like kids throwing temper tantrums which is NOT a good look.

Now ladies, I love you, you know I do but I had to address this issue b/c more and more these days I hear girls saying they can't stand other girls and they only have guy friends. Don't you see something wrong with that picture? I do and I don't think it has to be this way. Don't get it twisted this goes for bitch ass dudes as well.

Can't we all just get along? or at least act grown enough to talk it out?

I hope that day comes soon cuz it's gettin ignorant out here

p.s. I know some girls may read this blog and get cheesed b/c I mentioned a situation that they may have been involved in, but if that's the case then I'm not even gonna respond b/c you missed the point and you should start @ the top at read it again.

But despite all the bullshit, I love y'all

Til next Time


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Stacey-StAR said...

Trusssss me!! I agree 100%. It happened to me Once and I learned from that. Never again!