Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Summer Recap pt.2

This summer was the discovery of something wonderful....soca fetes. Being a hard headed jamaican is the reason why it has taken 25 years of my life to finally experience the joy of these events. I was the type that needed my hip-hop, my reggae and a little rnb in the club....NO SOCA. It all changed the weekend of my birthday (which was July 17th btw for those that missed it), my bredrens were on me to go to this jam called WHITE-OUT and at first I wasn't feelin the idea of having to jump up for 3 hours non-stop but with some convincing from my boy Face (shouts to Urbanology) who let me know about the vibes that the ladies would be on, I was convinced. He let me know that stushness doesn't exist at fetes, everybody (especially the girls) come out to actually dance, meet people and have a good time. That sounded good to me cuz lately the whole club scene in toronto had been a turn off and a waste of time since everybody just goes to stand up in the club and watch other people nowadays.

So anyways, I went and it was thee most fun I've had in a club since I could remember. I must've bubbled wit 6 or 7 different girls that night and I didn't get a salty look once. I strongly recommend those who actually want to party and enjoy themselves, to go to the next soca fete but be ready to sweat lol

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