Saturday, January 10, 2009

I started this celibacy shit, and this muhfukkin thanks I get!

Yeah I like wildin out in my titles sometimes, I can't help myself lol. But anyways, let me get right into it. My first week of celibacy was incredibly excruciating because I already had to dodge two bullets. I'll give y'all the details, so the first bullet was on Tuesday or should I say Wednesday morning. My "friend" calls me @ 3am talking about she was with her ex-man the other night & the whole time they were messin around she was missin the way I put it down nawmean? Now @ this time I was also under the influence of some trini rum (1919!!!!) so this wasn't easy to handle but I had to break it down for her that I'm goin celibate for a while. So to conclude, I didn't sleep well that night. Ok second bullet. I kinda got lucky on Thursday, a new "friend" just came back in the city after being away for the holidays & she wanted to chill. Now she's one of theses ones that I'll break this celibacy shit for in a second, so I was about to throw in the towel but I got saved cuz when she came through & things started to heat up she had to slow up cuz it was that time of the month....whew!!!!!

Now I'm convinced that I must be crazy cuz when would I ever celebrate NOT gettin some? That new friend can throw it down too ssshhhhhiiieeeeeettttttttt!!!

Camy I need an award if I complete dis shit...straight up!

I need some tips on how I can get through this & still keep my sanity, comments are always appreciated.



Ms Camy said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am so proud of you *tear* I didnt think you could hold up this long homefry!! But ure definately proving me wrong so far...just look @ it like "its only until April" No biggie right?? Just stay occupied with that soon as the thoughts get in ure head bang out a few tings!!! And I mean telling ure "friends" that ure not bout it until April will also help you, Right? So @ least they dont try coming @ u, and u gotta second guess if you should or shouldn't. (though if I was telling you I would really press them mean I know...LOL) I say meet new people while ure at it...never know what could blossom!!
Incentive??? MMmmm I'm creative so I'm gonna try to think of something in the meantime!! :p Until then...keep dodging them bullets...

Cas Money said...

You can do it fam! It's all mind over matter. Plus once you put it out there you know you gotta follow through with it. It's nothing if you focused. Plus we got mad work ahead of us.

Boots said...

Thank u guys for the motivational speeches but I'm expecting both of y'all to line me up wit a ting come April lol

Maman Nshuti said...

you can do it!!!
i co-sign all above posts!! jus keep urslf busy n ull be good! i also agree in takin this time to meet new ppl...go places u wouldn't normally go, that's a prize all on its own mon ami!