Sunday, January 4, 2009

I swear I'll try!!!!!!

Ok she's probably gonna be mad @ me for posting her pic like dis but this is my dear friend Ms.Camy (songwriter, model extraordinaire), her and I had a pretty deep convo last nite til who knows what time in the morning. I was letting her know my situation in the dating game, basically expressing that I'm tryna step my game up with the caliber of ladies that I go out with. Then we got onto the topic of sex and I noticed the trend that the type of girls I'm striving to get with now all want me to work extra hard (in other words, wait a long ass time) for any type of sexual interaction. Which is cool I guess, but I always wondered how is a girl REALLY benefiting by making a man wait so long?

So to get to the damn point, Ms. Camy posed a challenge that I, Boots Montana can not have sex until April 10th. Yes, I said April muthafukkin 10th!!! I'm always down to try new things, but this is just too much so we made a couple stipulations. For one, getting head is acceptable and second thing if I get extremely desperate I can be the master of my own domain lol.

Even as I'm writing this I'm thinking that I must be crazy or suttin, but after talking to a couple people it may not be such a bad idea. Some of the pluses I heard were: It gives u more time to be creative, It relieves stress, It gives u self satisfaction, and you actually make better choices are far as the girls you decide to go out with.

Now knowing myself there is NO WAY i'll be able to do this, but I swear I'll try lol

Am I crazy? Leave a comment let me know

p.s. Btw it doesn't help that the girls around me look like this either....i know i know


Maman Nshuti said...

"I can be the master of my own domain"
don't kill me George!!!
well good luck with that, but really and trully it's ok to express yoself's a very healthy habbit(as long as its practiced with great safety measures!lol).
good luck with that bud!!!

Boots said...

Trus me I know it's ok to express myself sexually...U know that! lol...jus tryin a ting

Maman Nshuti said... u homie...i'll support!! =)

open your mind to different types of chiks i say...the ones you prolly neva even bother to look at are the your perfect types.
when u don't expect anything and go into things with a free mind, watch what the results will be!!!

let me know how this works out...

Boots said...

I will...good lookin out

Ms Camy said...

I must say I am very excited at the outcome of this!!! This is a really good look for you. Like Maman Nshuti said...and I've mentioned to you already, opening ure mind to different types of chicks!! I'm hoping you don't slip...if you can pull this off...then I know its