Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blahzay Blah

Whuddup my peoples!

I'm not even gonna get into all the hiatus talks, jus know that I'm a horrible blogger lol. It's a numerous amount of things that stops me from being consistent on this thing, writer's block , being busy etc.

But newayz let me update y'all to what's gwanin. First and foremost, I am still going strong on the celibacy tip & april is fast approaching so ladies....u know what it is!

If y'all remember my new year's resolutions, one of my three S's was to Start Travelling which is what I've been focusing on intensely. At first I was supposed to reach Trinidad for carnival which fell through the cracks but no worries cuz that ain't stopping me. So it looks like I'll be in Cancun for spring break (BOM BOM BOM!!!!!) good way to start my globetrotter status.

As far as the Stash House movement goes, we're going hard jus building up quality music to hit y'all wit, doing shows, interviews and releasing freetyles. I'm gonna be lacing everybody wit a plethora of freestyles jus now, so look out!

Stay Up


1 comment:

Ms Camy said...

you didnt even update anyone on your celibacy tip!!!!!!!!

Horrible blogger....

So did you reach Cancun? Whats up?
Updates man!!