Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HATER ALERT: Notorious movie review

There was one or two bright spots in this movie but overall it was WAAAACCCCKK & unnecessary. The story on a whole only really skimmed the life of B.I.G. showing people pretty much what they already knew. I think they could have taken the opportunity & used it to show the musical process too rather than just showing drugs, titties & occasional zoom-ins of a microphone (corny). Now don't get me wrong, I love drugs, titties & mics as much as the next guy but if the actors can't keep it interesting than the movie gets a FAIL.

Notorious B.I.G.
- Played by Jamal "Gravy" Woolard, this was the best acting performance in the whole movie & considering the fact that he's a "rookie" in the acting game that doesn't say a lot for this movie. Gravy had the Biggie Smalls wittiness down pat & even sounded like him. The man even had the Biggie sway when he was rapping. He was definitely the most believable.

Lil' Kim
- This was the next best performance in my opinion. Lil' Kim definitely came off as Big's ride or die chick. The only thing is, I kinda felt like there was a lot more to Kim than was shown in the movie. Chances are she probably did fuck Big within 24 hours of meeting him but still I would like to know why. Did she have male issues? I would've liked to see the movie go into that jus a little bit (she had nice titties though lol)

Sean "Puffy" Combs
- Horrible...just horrible. After 10 minutes of watching this movie without seeing the credits you can tell that Diddy was the executive producer. The way he made himself look so damn righteous was digusting. "We gotta rise above this Big!(whiny voice)" Puffy said dat MY ASS! The only thing he had goin for him was the dancing. If they casted a mute muthafucka everything would've been perfect lol

Tupac Shakur
- Almost equally disgusting. Whoever was portraying him had no Tupac character traits whatsoever. It felt like they took a nigga off the street & put him in a THUG LIFE scully, really. Also, if I was one of Pac's peoples I would be very pissed off with they way they made him look like he was a damn fool or something after he got shot, all clueless & shit. This movie tried to make the east coast-west coast beef look one-sided unsuccessfully & I can't rate dat at all.

Voletta Wallace
- I can't really speak much about Big's mom's character except that for such little screen time they could have at least gotten the yaadi accent correct. I didn't start hearing it til the end of the movie, shame.

D-Roc - Also not much I can say about this character but that's simply because he wasn't really in the public eye enough to base it on anything. Whoever was portraying him was very believable though, he seemed like one of the older man dem on da block, same type of each one, teach one mentality. I think Puff should've left all the righteousness to this guy & just be the asshole that we all know he is.


Maman Nshuti said...

thank you kind sir...u expressed everything i thought about this movie...u jus saved me from using my free movie pass on this...lol...

Boots said...

Lol everyone's tellin me I read their minds