Monday, April 28, 2008

R.I.P Sean Bell

It took me a minute to write this one, because I didn't want to sound like just another angry black man that hates the police. So I held back the urge to wild out and use a bunch of CAPS and all that. I went back and looked at the full story of Sean Bell and how and why he was murdered and I'm still very baffled and frustrated that these officers that are supposed to serve and protect got away with such a crime. I know Sean Bell was arrested in the past for drug dealing and firearm possession. I even know that the club that his bachelor party was at (Kalua Caberet) was under surveillance for possible prostitution. I even heard the pigs bullshit story about a fourth man running away from the scene and shooting at one of the cops, which apparently isn't enough to launch a search party for ( Go figure) . But what I really can't figure out is how after all that, after they ran up on them (Sean Bell and friends) in plain clothes weapons drawn, that they felt endangered enough of these unarmed men to riddle their car up with 50 shots which btw one of the officers had to reload his gun to continue to shoot these innocent men. Take that in people...oh and the cherry on top.......verdict: NOT GUILTY........and people wonder why there's guns in the streets. If I still ended up sounding like an angry black man I guess it's cuz I am....R.I.P Sean Bell & Amadou Diallo


DOC said...

u dont sound like any angry black man, u sound like someone who's speakin their mind and see's it as it is, TOTALLY FUCT! (and ill use the caps as a sign of anger, dont care, im an angry white boy!).
Devin, DOC.

Showtizzy said...
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Showtizzy said...

Damn bro... You speak for millions of us who share the same thoughts. It is like they want us to feel like having this skin color is like being born with no legs. A natural Handicap! They are going to have to get up out of their ignorant perceptions of black males and realize we decide and have the power to determine the outcome of the next generation. We are the future.