Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not Impressed

I love throwing parties b/c different circles of people that I know and love get to mingle and have fun with each other. I had a little get together last night of about 12-15 people @ my apartment and I had a lot of fun no doubt. I wanna thank everyone who reached and showed me love and I will be having more events in the future. But, I do have one bone to pick with y'all especially the dudes that were in the spot and I could explain it myself but Ian Andre Espinet explains it a lot better than I can so peep his blog entry and holla if u feel different or even if you feel the same ( ladies I'm expecting some feedback on this one lol )

but I wanna state one more time that I had a very good time last night and I'm glad that I associate with the people that I do.....peace

p.s. by no means is this meant to be a disrespect to my dudes that it friendly competition to step it up lol

p.s.s. I just clarify again, my homies ain't no punks don't watch da link title lol

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