Thursday, November 20, 2008

Astalavista All Whites

Yeah it's that time again, time to put the beloved dunks, af1's and J's back in the closet. Yup the first real snowfall came yesterday and tears fell with it lol. No seriously though all I got to rock in the winter are some beat up Tims and I don't see the point of rockin a fresh pair cuz this canadian weather ain't no joke.

So as you can see I hate winter but there are some pluses at this time of year. For one, u save money cuz naturally u go out less, no more clubbin, none of dat. Also if u have a special someone it gives u more time to get acquainted, maybe catchup on ur bootleg dvd collection that u haven't really been able to watch cuz you've been out partyin' lol.

So all my Black people and everyone in general Happy Hibernation, If anyone has survival tips to get through this nasty north weather post a comment. I think I might do a survival guide for hibernators lol.

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