Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hibernators Survival Guide

Yes I said I was gonna do it and now that the weather is getting worse, this Is my cue. Now here are the commandments for getting through the cold winter.

*1* Wifey- can't nuttin keep u warm like TLC

*2* Tuna & Mac'n'Cheese- Y'all know it comes in handy when ur hungry but ur too
lazy or it's too cold to go outside

*3* Seabreeze Heater- These joints are small and powerful, they can turn ur room
into an oven jus the way I like it

*4* Bootleg DVD's- It's all about staying up to date on the movies without leaving
ur crib, y'all know lol

*5* Timbs- Personally I think ACG's are fresher but I can't find any proper ones
in the Dot, so jus in case u HAVE TO go outside have a pair of theses by
the door.

*6* Liquor &/or Weed- You already know

*7* North Face- Still can't fuck wit a North Face parka, nuthins warmer,
Nothin!....I'm wildin lol

Theses are the bare essentials that y'all gonna need for the winter months, I promise you. If I'm missing anything hit me up and I'll add it on.

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